“Carolyn has the unique skill set of being an empathetic listener, has wonderful diagnostic skills, knows what questions to ask, and has a wide knowledge and experience in knowing what remedies to prescribe. She can work in the western medical arena, functional medicine arena, and the alternative medicine arena. She is the “total package”. I have had many years of knowing Carolyn. I have complete confidence and faith in her abilities as a medical practitioner."

– Gary E.

“I had recently been dismissed by a local internist MD. I apparently asked too many questions. Carolyn didn’t hesitate in letting me know that she would be fine with my questions. Carolyn is candid and clearly states what her opinions and answers are based upon. Carolyn does not offer “cookie cutter” medical care. What she offers is a reasoned interpretation of data based upon her education and clinical judgement. The extra time she takes with me often ends with all my questions being answered.“

– James V. 

“The following is what we appreciate about Carolyn Self and her style of practice. We both very much like that Carolyn:

  • Is very proactive in preventative wellness and always tries to find the best and/or newest ways of keeping us healthy
  • Is inquisitive, and always digs deeper to find root causes(s) of whatever aliment we might have
  • Practices a “detective” style of medicine, trying to find out why things are happening and how to stop things from happening
  • Is very knowledgeable and keeps up to date with all the latest medical information and diagnostic tests
  • Isn’t wed to solely traditional western medicine and tries to find the least invasive or destructive means to solve a medical problem or condition. As an integrative medicine practitioner, she is a very good combination of traditional and complimentary medicine. We love that Carolyn practices functional medicine.”

– Rick B. & Deborah M. 

“She is thorough. She practices functional medicine instead of allopathic pharmaceutical medicine with the result being that she gets to the cause and helps the body to be free of that. And she takes the time needed to understand the problem. She took over the practice from an MD, and, quite frankly, I think she does a superior job. Wouldn't go anywhere else.“

– Sugeet P. | Review on Healthgrades