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Helping Remedy the Rising Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease in Younger Women

My Heart Health Program Incorporates the Latest Preventative Integrative Cardiology
Approaches Focused Through the Lens of Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine Memberships are best suited to individuals interested in identifying the root causes of their health concerns, venturing toward a healthier, happier, more energetic life.

Functional Medicine Stepping Stones on Your Path to Health

Instead of simply trying to treat symptoms, functional medicine takes advantage of many tools available, to identify and resolve the root causes of your symptoms, so you can start leading the life you want.

Managing Stress


Testing Genetics


Balancing Hormones


Reducing Toxicity

Optimizing GI Function


Addressing Autoimmunity & Allergies


Enhancing Nutrients & Exercise


Improving Cardiovascular Health

Carolyn Self

Carolyn Self, FNP

You Deserve the Best Possible Health and Vitality

In the same way a gardener achieves vigorous growth by feeding the soil instead of simply feeding the plant… by seeking the root causes of disease, Functional Medicine takes a deeper look than just symptom treatment.

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