Carolyn Self, Family Nurse Practitioner

Carolyn Self, FNP

After 30 years of clinical Primary Care experience, Carolyn Self remains dedicated to caring for clients, using a uniquely individualized approach. In her thorough investigation, of a client’s case, Carolyn follows the clues like a detective, helping each person find the path to their health goals.

Initially completing the foundational Functional Medicine training course in 2004, long before the option for certification was developed, Carolyn continued her training, attending Continuing Education Seminars, while incorporating and implementing Functional Medicine in her medical practice.  Towards the end of December 2019, after completing the required course work (focused on Energy, Detoxification, the GI, Immune and Cardio-Metabolic Systems), a written examination, as well as a written case study, Carolyn joined a small but dedicated group of practitioners around the globe, as she achieved her Functional Medicine Certification, earning the credentials of IFMCP (Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner).

Quicksilver Scientific Institute Certified Practitioner
Bale Doneen Method Preceptorship
IFMCP (Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner)
ANCC Certification, Family Nurse Practitioner

ACNM Certification, Nurse Midwife
MS in Nursing, University of CA, San Francisco
OBGYN/Nurse Midwife Certificate

I know what it's like to struggle with health problems.

Hi, I’m Carolyn Self. Struggling with deteriorating health for decades, I found no one with the time, knowledge, or inclination to figure out why I had so many wide ranging and seemingly unconnected health issues. While being prescribed medications to treat symptoms that didn't address the underlying causes, I desperately sought answers. Connecting the dots, I eventually regained my health by identifying a genetic condition, that at the time was barely known. For the past 25 years, I have been dedicated to helping others find the root causes of their health challenges through the practice of functional medicine.

I believe there is nothing like personal experience in dealing with one’s own health challenges, to help a provider become more compassionate in helping clients with difficult issues. In my thirties, while pursuing my Nurse Practitioner Certification, I suddenly found my health in a steady decline. Though I had been an active person, it became continually more difficult to exercise. Eventually, I could no longer even ride my bicycle to classes.

At its worst, I never felt rested, no matter how much I slept. Initial visits to doctors, resulted in cursory testing of blood count and thyroid labs, and since these were normal, I was told it must be related to stress. No additional testing or follow up was recommended. Fortunately, through my studies, I diagnosed my own severe iron deficiency. Unfortunately, even after Iron supplementation, I didn’t regain my prior energy level.

After developing irritable bowel syndrome and recurrent respiratory infections, labs showed I had developed a worsening autoimmune condition. Following many consultations with several physicians, the only treatment recommended was a toxic medication, with risk of serious potential side effects. During my continued research, I was able to identify the primary underlying cause of all these seemingly unconnected conditions.

By initiating strict dietary changes, the IBS, iron deficiency, and allergy symptoms I suffered with for years resolved. I enjoyed a return to good health, resuming my active lifestyle; gardening, hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, and even rock climbing.

Along my journey seeking to regain my health, I discovered Functional Medicine, and have been practicing from this perspective ever since. I remain passionate about getting to the root cause of health issues utilizing this approach.

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